Help Ukrainian Holocaust educators

Our dedicated Ukrainian teachers have stood up for Jewish history.
Now it’s time for us to stand up for them. 

Since 2016, a total of 223 Ukrainian teachers have attended Centropa’s weekend seminars, and together we have developed programs where teenagers create their own projects on Jewish history, sent our traveling exhibition of Ukrainian Jewish stories to 44 schools, and launched competitions so teenagers can tell us about their town’s Jewish history. We are sending €50 every month to our Ukrainian teachers who can get to an ATM. If you would like to help us fund them, please use our PayPal account.
NOTE:  All donations for Ukraine will be sent (through our Kyiv office) directly to the bank accounts of Ukrainian Holocaust educators. We are calling these contributions special subventions. If you are looking to provide general humanitarian aid, we suggest you contact organizations such as CAREJDCCaritas, and many others.

Social programs
for Holocaust survivors
in Vienna and Budapest

Between June, 2006 and March, 2020, we held regular get-togethers for the people we interviewed in both Vienna and Budapest.

During Covid, we’ve been sending them newsletters, along with books, flowers, CDs and boxes of sweets.

Combatting antisemitism in the lands where the Holocaust took place

No other organization works in as many schools in Eastern Europe as we do. Much of our funding comes from the Claims Conference, the German government and the EU.

If this is an issue that concerns you, write us at and we can target programs together.

Why donate to Centropa?

We interviewed 1,263 Holocaust survivors still living in Europe
We digitized 25,000 of their family pictures
We have 55,232 pages of interviews with them
We’ve made 44 multimedia films about them
Those films have been shown in 19 international film festivals
3,880 teachers in 20 countries have taken part in our seminars
We’re the only oral history institute with a social club for the people we interviewed
And we do all this because every year our donors make this possible.
For US donors, all contributions are 100% tax deductible and click here to see our IRS determination letter.



We target specific school districts where we have been making a difference: inner city Newark and Baltimore, rural schools in the Carolinas, Palm Beach County, Houston and East Los Angeles.

Help us stand with them with competitions and award winning programs. Most of our students are minority, most depend on free or reduced cost lunches. 


Like every non-profit, we need support to over our adminstration costs, as well as developing our website, printing our annual reports and paying our accountants each year. We have teams working in Washington, Hamburg, Vienna and Budapest. 

General support is always welcome—and needed! and we can target programs together.

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